Becoming A Truck Driver With A Family

Becoming A Truck Driver With A Family

Becoming a truck driver with a family is not an easy thing to do. When you start learning how to obtain a CDL, you should first sit down with your significant other, kids, and other family members. To be successful in the trucking industry, you will need support. The goal of this article is to give you things to think about and discuss with your family.

Is Truck Driving Worth It If You Have A Family?

I can say truck driving is worth it if you have a family, most definitely. You can make decent to great money after your first year of trucking experience. But, it is not always about the money if you cannot enjoy it with your family.

Becoming a truck driver with a family requires sacrifice. That is why you should sit down with your loved ones and discuss your intentions. Let them know that you will be at work more than a usual 9 to 5 if you choose to drive over the road. Your family may become concerned with your decision because you will be away from home.

Becoming A Truck Driver With A Family

You can comfort them by letting them know that there are options for you to be home daily. In some cases, you can have 4 day work weeks as a local driver. One of the reasons I recommend going to a private trucking school is because you can choose a local company that is willing to train you and your home every day.

You have job security, especially if you are driving a refrigerated trailer. When the covid lockdown was in place, I was on the road making money. Not all trucking divisions were able to keep running, but truck drivers have job security for the most part. It is also too easy for you to find a job after gaining a year of experience and your driving record remains clean.

Becoming A truck Driver With A Family

Becoming a truck driver with a family requires communication. You must talk to your family each step of the way—the more information they know, the better. Talk to them about the school or company you have chosen. Explain why you chose that particular school or trucking company. Get feedback. Allow your loved ones to feel involved in your decision-making.

When talking to recruiters, let the family listen in and ask questions. There will be many steps and a lot of information, so you will need their help and approval if you want to be successful.

Communication is also necessary because truck driving is very dangerous. You can get hurt and even lose your life. You will need to discuss life insurance. How will your spouse financially maintain if something happens to you? You cannot be shy about these topics.

It would be best if you had trust within your relationship. You need to focus while on the road, and if you are worried about home all the time, you could make fatal mistakes. These mistakes can cost lives and or money.

Choosing to become a truck driver does not mean you have to talk less to your family. Remember, cell phones work. Now some companies do not allow you to use your phone while driving while others do. If you are using your phone while driving, I highly suggest that you use a headset. The best one that I found is Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset. It lasts a long time without charging, and it is comfortable. You also have video calls so you can see your family regularly.

Can Family Ride With Truck Drivers?

Yes. A lot of companies will allow you to take your family on the road with you. Each companies policies are different. You can speak with your recruiter about the companies policies about your family riding on the truck with you.

When you do take your family with you, I highly suggest strong trip planning. They are not used to the road or the long hours of a truck driver. Bathroom breaks may be more frequent, but you still need to make it to your pickup or delivery on time.

Food on the road is expensive, so stock the truck and cook yourselves. I frequently cook on my truck. Some items you may use could include:

When my family rides with me, I like to plan on spending the day or night at rest areas because it’s not as busy, more room for my daughter to run around, and sometimes cleaner. Truck stops are dangerous, and some drivers do not know how to slow down in the parking lot.

Also, if you plan, you may be able to visit an attraction that has always interested you and your family.


Becoming a truck driver with a family is not a one-person decision. Decide to become a truck driver as a family. Keep the lines of communication open. If everything works out, remember you will not be at every family function. You will miss holidays, birthdays, religious events. But, it is okay. You have decided to help keep America moving. You are providing for your family. You have a great future ahead of you that can lead to financial freedom. As a truck driver, you have many options within your career, so learn about them and make the best decision that will suit you and your family.

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