Can Felons Become Truck Drivers?

A common question is Can Felons Become Truck Drivers? The answer is yes. Felons can become truck drivers, but it is not always easy. There are things you should know and understand. I will break down can felons become truck drivers? in this article to be less stressful and easier for you. I speak from experience so that you can count on the information given.

Can Felons Become Truck Drivers At Mega Carrier Companies?

criminal background check

The mega carriers will tell you they hire people with a background on a case-by-case basis. I am not sure how that works out or what that means, but I have noticed many people just getting into trucking, unable to receive a chance. If I were to guess what this means, they want people with current and recent experience.

Do I recommend applying with a mega carriers

Honestly, I do not recommend you apply at a mega carrier. Recruiters will ask you to disclose all of your information and details about your conviction, and they will then deny you. Some will make a promise about helping you out to turn around and deny you.

If you were to apply at a mega carrier, I would suggest it as a last resort. But, know that when you first call a company, the first question you ask the recruiter is, ‘can felons become truck drivers?’ ask the recruiter what felonies do they not allow? If you do not receive an answer, move on. If they want you to disclose all of your information before answering your questions, move on.

If the recruiter answers all of your questions and does not mention what you were convicted of, next ask what their process is when hiring someone with a background? How old does the conviction have to be? How long do I have to be off parole/probation?

It would be best if you always were upfront and honest. They will do a background check on you. They will also run your DMV record. The recruiters are the ones hiring you and checking your background, be honest.

Again, I do not recommend mega carriers. Go to them only if you cannot afford to pay for a trucking school.

Can Felons Become Truck Drivers At Smaller Carriers?

I have learned that smaller carriers and foodservice companies are more willing to hire people with a background. I recommend you get a grant or save your money, and then go to a trucking school near you. Recruiters will go to the school, and you can talk to them directly. Again, be honest.

Ask, can felons become truck drivers? The smaller companies are more likely, to be honest with you.

A lot of the smaller carrier’s staff were truck drivers and are more sympathetic. If they see you are honest, real, and ready to work hard, you will get trained and be hired more likely than not.

What Type of Person Gets Hired As A Truck Driver With A Background?

Family Oriented

Trucking companies love to see people with families. When you have a family, it shows you have a committed responsibility. As you are stating your case, let it be known that you have a family you care about and need to take care of.


No one likes to hear you bragging about your past crimes. When you ask yourself, can felons become truck drivers? Also, ask yourself, am I ready to become a truck driver? If you are up to old ways, then you might as well not apply. Companies want to know that you regret your past decisions and have learned from your previous actions. Explain how you have changed and be humble.

Be Honest

A reformed person is honest. You do not have to be too explicit. In fact, do not explain too much. Stick to the main facts, including how you have changed and your future goals. Remember, you will have a background check done. If you have recently drunk alcohol or smoked marijuana, then let them know. Trust me, they will appreciate the honesty and will work with you.

NOTE: Every trucking company is required by law to give a drug and alcohol test. You will be denied if you fail.


Can felons become truck drivers?

You will get rejected. You cannot give up. There are thousands of trucking companies out there. These trucking companies need and want drivers. You must be patient and move with faith. Once you give up on hope, you will fail. Accomplish your goal of becoming a truck driver by having patience in yourself.

When a trucking company denies you, know that was not the company for you. Also, remember that an initial no is not a permanent no. Once you gain experience, these same companies who denied you will now be willing to hire you.

Your past does not define you; what you have learned from it is what shapes you. You define who you are. Trucking companies will test your patience as well as your trainer and the people you are driving around. But, you never want to lose your patience. Patience is the only thing that will make you a successful driver.

Can Felons Become Truck Drivers?

I told you that felons could become truck drivers. But, it is up to you if you do become a truck driver. Your attitude, drive, ability, and humility will determine your future as a professional truck driver.

You can make a lot of money as a truck driver, so it is worth the hassle that you will go through. You will be able to earn an honest living, buy a house, and take care of your family comfortably.

Whichever company you start with, know they are going to test you. Do not feel that you cannot stand up for yourself just because you have a background. Once you have a class A CDL, you have gold in your wallet. Keep your driving record clean almost everyone will want to hire you after the first year.

Rember to make mega carriers your last resort and smaller carriers (up to 250 drivers) as your first resort. Choose a trucking school over gaining your CDL licenses through a carrier.

Can felons become truck drivers? Yes.

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