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Is Truck Driving A Dead-End Job?

Is Truck Driving A Dead-End Job?If anyone thinks truck driving is a dead-end job, they may not have any goals within the industry. Another reason why you may ask is truck driving is a dead-end job because you do not understand all the different opportunities the industry offers. A dead-end job is usually something that has no growth. I will show you that trucking driving is not a dead-end job, the type of person who should get into this industry, and how being a truck driver is building a lifestyle.

Truck driving is not a dead-end job

The first thing to understand about being a professional truck driver is that it is not for everyone. Another thing you should understand is that there are many challenging truck driving positions that you can take. Such as:

  • Over-the-Road
  • Local
  • Sem-local
  • Regional
  • Refrigerated division
  • Dry van
  • Flat Bed
  • Heavy-haul
  • tanker
  • Agricultural
  • Loggers
  • Dump truck, etc…

The list is to name a few positions without the details. There is much more truck driving positions a person can do and enjoy as a career. Let’s not forget that you can always start your own trucking company. You can own a truck and contract under a carrier’s authority or get your own operating authority. So no, truck driving is not a dead-end job when it offers so much.

It is up to you to find your path in this industry. If you display the right personality traits, you will find an enriching career for a professional truck driver.

Who should be a professional truck driver

You will hear it here and in many other places. Truck driving is not for everyone. You need to have or develop a love, desire, and passion for this job. A truck driving job is nothing like a 9 to 5. Even if you work local and home every day, you work long hours.

Is Truck Driving A Dead-End Job?

A truck driver is away from more and isolated from others for long periods of time. You will come to see how dangerous this job is. Your life is on the line, and other people’s lives are in your hands as well.

So with this bit of knowledge, you can understand it really does take a certain type of a person to be a truck driver. You want to be successful while out on the road every day. So, when your mindset is right then, you will find the reward of being a truck driver. You will know that you have done your part in keeping America moving. How can that be a dead-end job?

A Patient Person

A truck driver needs to be patient. Truck drivers spend a lot of time driving, driving in traffic, and sitting at shippers and receivers. People are rude, driving recklessly, and do not care about your time while sitting in a dock door.

As a professional truck driver, you need to understand the normal day-to-day happenings within the industry and be patient and professional. If not, you will be frustrated every day, hate the job, and see a truck driving as a dead-end job that’s wasting your time every day.


When you receive your load, you are given a pickup time and date. You are also given a delivery time and date. It is your job to be on time legally and safely. You run the truck, and everyone is counting on you to run your truck well.

If you are not self-motivated, then you should not become a truck driver. There will be days you do not want to work due to weather because you have been on the road for a long period of time or whatever other reason. It will be up to you to keep going no matter what.

When you are not motivated, it will seem as if truck driving is a dead-end job. This is why you need to have a passion for driving trucks.

Passion, Desire, Love for trucking

When I became a truck driver, I did not have a passion, desire, or love for trucking. I became a truck driver for money and stability for my family. My love for trucking came later. After trucking stopped being so hard, I learned to love it. When I found my space in the industry as an owner-operator, I grew a desire for trucking.

You cannot learn these traits, and you can only develop them within this industry. Trucking is a lifestyle, and because trucking is a lifestyle, you cannot call it a job. Therefore, trucking cannot be a dead-end job.

Trucking is a lifestyle

I think there are 3 types of people who become truck drivers:

  1. Family were truck drivers or owned a trucking company
  2. Watched truckers growing up and grew a passion for the industry
  3. Want to make money and travel the United States

The first two types of people will find success in the trucking industry. They will learn everything they can, be content, happy, and find their niche in this industry. If you’re becoming a truck driver to make money and travel, you will burn out eventually. As your traveling, you will begin to understand that you are very limited on where you can go. You will see that you are driving more than exploring. It’s more difficult as a company driver.

You need to love your truck and accept everything that goes with that truck, such as breakdowns. You have to accept a trucker’s schedule. We do not work 9 to 5. We work to get the load delivered on time and picked up on time. This means normal hours, early hours, and late hours. Whatever it takes. We deal with rude shippers and receivers, long wait times, stinky truck stops, no bathrooms at times. We deal with these things because we love our trucks. We love running miles and challenging ourselves every day.

We do not mind cooking in our trucks, sitting at a diner alone. We love honking our air horns for the kids. We love what we do. We understand what we are doing for the country and take pride in that. When we see something wrong while on the road, we try to help. When we get home, we are grateful to God for keeping us safe and allowing us to smile on our loved ones’ faces as we roll our truck into the driveway.

Trucking is not a lifestyle for everyone, and that is why it would be a dead-end job.

In Summary

Is Truck Driving A Dead-End Job? For most truck drivers, no. for some, yes. It is all based on your personal view. As an industry and career, no trucking is not a dead-end job. There are too many opportunities within this industry. You can make a lot of money, grow, and develop great relationships with people. Meet people across this country and really enjoy life on the road. I believe you can develop a love for being a truck driver while on the job, so it is worth giving it a shot. If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave them below so I can help.

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