What Do Truck Drivers Eat On The Road

What Do Truck Drivers Eat On The Road?

What do truck drivers eat on the road?It really varies from driver to driver. You will find that more truck drivers try and live a healthier lifestyle. Also, truck stops offer more options so drivers can choose better these days.

You have plenty of your typical fast food joints such as

  • Carl’s Jr
  • Hardy’s
  • Wendys
  • Subway and so on.

But Love’s truck stops will have a variety of fruits and yogurt for you to purchase. You can use your earned points as well to buy these food items.

Pilot/Flying J offers what they call PJ Fresh. You can buy

What Do Truck Drivers Eat On The Road?
  • Vegetables
  • Meat loaf
  • pot roast
  • fresh baked pizza and more

I like to cook on my truck. Compared to what was available in the old days, the advanced trucks today give us more options and opportunities to make better choices. So, I have

  • Crockpot/Insta Pot
  • Smokeless Grill
  • and a Skillet

So when I am on my way to California from Oregon or going to Idaho from Oregon, I will stop at Grocery Outlet and pick up food to stock on the truck. Because I have a 2020 Volvo VNL 860, I can fit plenty of food in my refrigerator and cabinets.

A lot of truck drivers shop at Walmart. If you go to Walmart in your truck, be sure to call ahead to see if you can park in their parking lot. Walmart is known for towing trucks.

Before the Pandemic hit, you would find many truckers frequenting a hot meal at Country Pride and Iron Skillet at the TA and Petro. But as of the date of this article, they are closed. They offered a buffet and hot homestyle foods, which we crave when we are away from home for so long.

In Summary

Honestly, you can eat just as you do at home. The only choice you need to make is how healthy you want to eat while on the road. You choose whether to cook on the truck and save money or buy food for convenience. If you would like to see how I cook on the truck, leave a comment below, and I will make a video.

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