What Do Truck Drivers Need On The Road?

What Do Truck Drivers Need On The Road?

What do truck drivers need on the road? Every trucker will need some main tools whether he or she is driving locally or over the road. I will list legally required items by DOT (department of transportation) and items that make our life easy. The items listed pertain to Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections.

What do trucker drivers need on the road?

Some of the obvious things a truck driver needs on the road includes

  • Class A Driver’s License
  • A copy of your DOT Physical card
  • Insurance cards
  • Registration
  • Ifta permit
  • Alcohol permits
  • All other required permits for weight and state specific delivery and tax issues

Your company will provide all the permits and registrations and so forth. It is the driver’s job to make sure all the paperwork is in proper order and not expired.

Every truck must have

Most of the listed items are required, and others are smart to have in order to carry out your job more efficiently and timely. If you can fix things yourself, then you will save time and money.

  • Fire Extenguisher
  • Extra Fuses
  • Light bulb Replacements
  • Safety Vest
  • Windshield wiper fluid
  • Windshield wipers
  • coolant
  • oil
  • Gloves
  • Paper log books
  • Green FMSCA book
  • Snow chains or socks (not year round)

Where To Purchase Your Necessities

As you get ready to move into your truck, it is best to plan ahead. Think smart and remember that you do not need a lot while you are on the trainer’s truck. When you are moving into your own truck, remember that the company you are driving for will have many of the above items for you.

It would be smart if you just brought a bag of clothes with you, then after you are assigned a truck, you can go to Walmart and get the rest of the things that were not provided at orientation. This includes food, utensils, cleaning supplies, and so on.

I would also suggest calling the closest Walmart and ask if it is ok to park your bobtail on their lot. They do boot and tow trucks. Or plan on getting a load home so you can do your shopping.

Another option is shopping on Amazon. I like to buy fifth-wheel grease here, a cellphone mount, and anything else I may need. I like to order from Amazon to pick it up and keep rolling when I get home.

Another option and final option is the truck stops. I really do not advise purchasing your items from truck stops because of how expensive everything is. But, if you rack up points, you can purchase the things you need with points. I fuel exclusively at loves, so I receive a lot of points there. I use my points to buy items like:

  1. Coolant
  2. Oil
  3. Windshield Wipers
  4. Gloves
  5. Seals for airlines

Another good spot to purchase things for your truck is places like Harbor Freight for tools. Every driver should know how to do light maintenance if his/her company allows it.

What Are Some More Things A Trucker Needs On The Road

These items can save you time and money. So when thinking about what do truck drivers need on the road, think about what will make your life easy.

For TiresFor CookingAccessories
Tire GaugeInstant PotBluetooth Headset
Air HoseElectric SkilletExtra Phone Chargers
Fix A FlatUtensilsFlashlight/head Flashlight
Extra Hubcap SealsCutleryTrucker GPS
All links lead you to Amazon for purchase.

In Conclusion

I really advise you to buy only the things you truly need. Please do not overdo it when you first get started. As you gain experience, you will understand what it is you as a truck driver will need while driving over the road. The most important items will aid you in your pre-trip and post-trip. While driving (hands-free devices like mounts and headsets), items will allow you to cook on the truck. In later articles, I will discuss individual items that I use to understand better why you should carry a specific product.

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